Corporate Traveler Safety Advice

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Travel is a required aspect of business. Whether the journey is local, national or international it is important to understand the risks associated with traveling. In many cases business trips represent no more of a risk than staying at home. However if the traveler needs to go to an unfamiliar destination or if the destination involves an increase in danger the traveler must be cautious. New experiences in unfamiliar places can be exciting and enjoyable. However in many cases the risks to the travelers safety increases dependent on each destination. 
Being unprepared increases the risks to the corporate traveler exponentially based on where travel needs to go and for how long the visit lasts. Understanding the destination (s) character in terms of incidents past and future will give the traveler a good understanding what precautions should be taken or in some cases whether the journey is actually worthwhile.
This app, with its content, aims to better prepare the corporate traveler for even the worst case security event. By reading through the various sections a traveler will understand A/ the types of situations they may face and B/ how to act if any situation arises. Taken by surprise when caught in a security event it can be a fatal causing the user to freeze instead of reacting. Just considering the information in this program will increase individual awareness to a degree that the user will react effectively rather than freezing up. It is the inability to rationalize what s happening that can be deadly. Don't allow yourself, the corporate traveler, to get caught out.    


The company acknowledges that safety is a 24 hour requirement and that under current legislation even domestic violence issues (long held as a private matter) can be viewed as an employee safety issue. Therefore the company has established a security advisory web-based service accessible at all times for employee help and guidance. There are no 100% solutions to every security situation and whereas there are specific situations referred to in the VSO there is also 24/7 security support for VSO that can help if a particular situation is not listed within this site. To gain more security details 


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